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Deck Disney X High Deck Nephews 8.0

Deck Disney X High Deck Nephews 8.0

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Created in mid-2012, High Company is based in Brazil with collaborators around the world.
The Brazilian brand High Company is a highlight in every skate park and skateshop in Brazil! Aimed directly at skateboarding, with each drop it has revolutionized the streetwear scene. High's principle is to produce and develop high quality products.

On Board is an OFFICIAL reseller of the brand, you can find a variety of products on our website and in our physical store!


High shapes are made with the best technology, the most advanced and best materials for an incomparable combination of durability and functionality. The maple sheets used are thin and this results in a lighter shape with better pop.

Shape characteristics:

The High Shape is great for beginners and pros who tend to roll heavier. It's cheaper and perfect for skateboarders who prioritize the more hairy manoeuvres of their day-to-day life, but harder, perfect for street and transition. Extremely durable, even after the skater has used the shape for a long time the pop continues to do its job by boosting your roll.

Product specifications:
Wood: Maple
No sandpaper included.

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