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Jacker - Pleasure T-shirt (White)

Jacker - Pleasure T-shirt (White)

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After so much time spent behind bars, one would think that I only want to satisfy my own desires. But I have always made it a point to put the ladies' pleasure before my own. I had missed sex, and it was this beautiful woman in the dim light of a downtown hotel who was going to enjoy it. My face nestled in her perfumed neck, her hands brushing my skin, our senses multiplied tenfold with each nibble, each caress. I feel his body stiffening little by little, his nails crossing my skin, it is time to concretize my project. In a last effort, I draw in my resources to accelerate the pace. As soon as her cheekbones turn red, the head of the bed comes to embed itself in the wall, unhooking the mirror which breaks on the ground at the same time as a torrent of pleasure irrigates our respective brains. The silence reinstates itself in the room after last sighs. A work of art.

100% cotton
Silk-screen printing on front and back
Secret print
Large cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take underneath.
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