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Jacker - Passio Garo Long Sleeves - Black

Jacker - Passio Garo Long Sleeves - Black

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I wake up with a jolt. The smoke from the engine still spreads into the sky. I must not have lost consciousness for long. My neck hurts, but I feel like this is just the beginning of the pain. Still in shock, the few rays of sunlight that penetrate the clouds have an air of divine light. I turn towards my passenger, but she has disappeared. She left me, this whole romance was too good to be true. I open my pack and smoke a cigarette. I quickly recognized the harsh, soulless taste of red Marlboro, it’s not mine. She would never leave without her cigarettes; In just a few days, she had repeatedly proven to me her love for nicotine and heavy industrial drinks. Memory comes back to me, I remember the grille of the C63 in my rearview mirror, a few centimeters from my bumper, before the big jump into the void. It's probably these guys who were after her. Something's wrong, I need to go back to the apartment.

100% cotton
Screen printing on front, back and sleeve
Print secret
Wide cut, if hesitating between two sizes, take below
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