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Jacker - Fight Flower T-Shirt - Black

Jacker - Fight Flower T-Shirt - Black

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Jacker - Fight Flower T-Shirt - Black


Hundreds of women, dressed in a thousand and one colors, chant incomprehensible war cries in Spanish. Perched at the top of the footbridge overlooking this surreal scene, I observe the spectacle. A bed of magnificent flowers, armed to the teeth, look as if they're preparing for yet another world war against the patriarchy. My sweetie is there, in command of the armies. She's more beautiful than ever. I discreetly approach her to get a closer look at the woman who once shared my bed. Suddenly, an axe is thrust inches from my face! All eyes are now on me. I've been spotted, but it doesn't matter, I know the landlady. I glance at her with a tender smile, but she pretends never to have seen me. I have a feeling that the next few minutes are going to be all about courage and resourcefulness. The flowers are ready for battle, and they're clearly outnumbered. The fight will be short-lived.

100% cotton


Silk-screened front, back

Secret label

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