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Jacker - Black Trade T-Shirt - Blue

Jacker - Black Trade T-Shirt - Blue

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Jacker - Black Trade T-Shirt - Blue


The dockers are screaming, the containers fly and pass by each other in the air in an almost poetic choreography. This freighter is huge. I could have taken the plane like everyone else, but news travels quickly. Entering the den of the “praying mantises” had in a few hours made me a key witness, searched by the police. This port is a real anthill. I go unnoticed between the Narcos unloading Mercedes in one corner and those bribing customs officers in the other. A shady guy waves at me from afar, he's my ferryman, at least I hope so. He takes me into a red container, explaining to me that once at sea, I will be able to find a more suitable accommodation. Here I am surrounded by boxes, each more suspicious than the last. The journey is going to be long.

100% cotton


Screen printing on front and back

Secret label

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