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Jacker - City Tour - T-Shirt Beige

Jacker - City Tour - T-Shirt Beige

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After thirty seconds of free fall in the middle of flaming pieces of scrap metal, I open the parachute, and float, slowly, above Medellin, waking up beneath my feet. Obviously the landing is going to be tricky but this dump truck full of sand will do the job. I rush into it at full speed, on the verge of breaking both of my ankles. Lord have mercy, I am very lucky. The investigation can begin. Confused, I have no idea where to start my research. I am heading towards the famous district of Comuna 13, former barrio of Pablo Escobar, whose colorful buildings had become more of a tourist place than a dangerous drug circulation zone. But anyway, I have to start somewhere. I wander down the streets looking for clues, it's packed with people, Latin music mixes with all the raspy Spanish voices that seem to be singing. The colors are dazzling. Graffiti brightens up walls still marked by the crippling violence this place has gone through. The reality of this country is miles away from the images we all have in our heads. It's actually nice, and surprisingly, I feel safe. This long walk and wander in the middle of the Columbian countryside made me thirsty, that small bar at the end of the alley will be my next stop.

100% cotton
Screen printing front and back
Secret print
Wide cut, if hesitating between two size, take below 

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