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Intruder Trucks - Skateboard Podcast 139mm

Intruder Trucks - Skateboard Podcast 139mm

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Set of 2 Trucks.

Technical Data:

Truck size: 139mm

Truck height: MID

Self-locking 3/8 steel nut

Special top washers

Urethane shock absorbers

Beam in first quality aluminum

Special steel shaft with heat treatment

Urethane Pivot Cup. Steel shim washers Self-locking 5/16 steel nut

Aluminum base with Intruder alloy

Hollow central screw with heat treatment

Truck Height: Medium: suitable for wheels from 52mm to 56mm.

About the Intruder brand Self-made truck. The Intruder brand came to the Skate scene with a
quality product at an affordable price. The Intruder team is made up
of professional athletes such as Diego Fontes, the legendary Sergio
Negão, Diego Bigode, Cri Duarte, among others, the brand is strong
in the market.

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