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Plan B - Felipe Faded Deck 7.75"

Plan B - Felipe Faded Deck 7.75"

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Explore the world of skateboarding on the Plan B Felipe Faded 7.75" Skateboard Deck - a sturdy and reliable board with a bold design. Perfect for mastering the tricks you've always wanted to try, this deck will boost your confidence and help you experience the exhilaration of skateboarding. Push your boundaries and get ready to experience the thrill!

The deck is constructed using Plan B's Pro Spec construction, which includes a 7-ply maple wood veneer with a stiff glue formula for added strength and durability. The deck also features a steep, concave shape with a medium-sized nose and tail for improved control and versatility.

Overall, the Plan B Felipe Faded 7.75" Skateboard Deck is a high-quality skateboard deck that is designed for advanced skaters who demand a high level of performance from their skateboard. It is a great choice for those who want to replicate Felipe Gustavo's skating style and performance.


  • Length: 31.625"
  • Width: 7.75"
  • Wheelbase: 14"
  • Pro Spec construction
  • 7-ply maple wood veneer
  • Steep concave shape
  • Medium-sized nose and tail
  • Felipe Gustavo signature deck
  • Truck Mount: Top Mount
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