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Jacker - Therapy Shirt - OAP

Jacker - Therapy Shirt - OAP

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The first shot of guaro is the most painful, from the 6th, it's getting easier. Lemon helps, Cumbia too. This beauty is looking at me from the back of the bar, she seems to like me. A few seconds later, my hips are pressed against her’s, and it doesn’t take long for my body to follow the rhythm of the percussion and trumpets. I offer her a drink, then two, her butt is fake, her mouth is fake, her tits are fake, but you have to taste the local specialty. I lose myself in her deep almond-shaped eyes, and her breath that smells like a mix of spicy rum and cold tobacco captivates me. Time stops, the bottles keep coming, alcohol is flowing. She asks me to open my mouth, I do so, then I feel the ecstasy pill go down my throat. The lights intensify to the rhythm of the music, my lips touch her’s, life is beautiful.
100% cotton flannel
Embroidery front
Wide cut, if hesitating between two size, take below 
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